LGBTQI+ & Relationship Counselling

LGBTQI+ Counselling

I started Uniquely Minded Counselling as I saw a real need for accessible counselling for people with Gender and Sexuality diversity, as I identity as part of these communities and know how scarce mental health resources tailored to our communities’ needs are.

Much of my work with gender and sexual diversity is supporting people to explore, understand and embrace how they experience their identity and expression.  I can support you to explore what (if any) terms or labels fit how you experience yourself, or how to ‘come out’ to loved ones and navigating those conversations and relationships.

I work to support whatever emotional and mental issues you have relating to your identity and expression.

Relationship counselling

I work with a variety of relationship types such as: families, platonic, romantic and sexual.

Relationship counselling can take the form of ‘couples counselling’, ‘marriage counselling’, ‘family therapy’, or for relationships between friends.

I can support in areas including improving communication, resolving conflict, creating and maintaining healthy boundaries, recapturing intimacy and spark.

*The fee for relationship counselling differs from that of individual counselling – please see ‘fees, availability and contact’ page for details.